Multimedia Show & Sale – 2007

Charlie McIvor –
Photographs “The Ottawa River”

Courtney Thompson –
Encoustic wax painting – “Hybridization Mechanism”

Elke R. Isbach –
Watercolours – “Canadian Impressions” and “Peachy Apricots”

Susan Fraser –
Charcoal drawing – “Dainty Step”

Carol Grant – Ceramics –
Large Low Bowl, Horsehair Raku, Saggar Fired Raku Sculpture

Hans-Jurgen Isbach –
Photographs – “Autumn Colours”, “Young Red Fox”

Leslie White – Quilt –
“Something Fishy”

Mike Ajersch – Watercolour
– “Old Growth”

Aliyah Ebrahim –
Watercolour – “Maple Leaves”

Kay Audet – Watercolour –
“Blue Glory”

Jim Murphy – Photograph –
“Gum Tree Tasmania”

Katja Fritzsche –
Paintings on Silk scarves

Alun Jones – Watecolour –
“Clock at Autun Cathedral”

Tom Alexander –
Watercolour – “Carbon Cycle”

Anne Seck – Hanging
planter garden sculpture

Kerry Fortin – Oil
painting – “Beyond the Blue”

Candice Ball – Handmade

Joan Carlisle –
Embroidered pictures – “Red Iris””Pine Point””Renaissance Man”

Cathy Walsh – Acrylic
paintings – “Little Harbour, Twillingate Newfoundland” “Twillingate Trail,

Larrie Thomson –
Photograph – “Umbrellas at Burkes Beach”

Katrina Covello –
Glasswork – Fused glass jewelry set, Seaside glass box, Mosaic
hall mirror with poppies

Michael Milgram – Oak
coffee table – “Purple Strip”
Sheila Blore – Double bed
size quilt, Celtic knot wall hanging

Sara Carlisle – Beaded
jewelry – “Crystal Days and Velvet Nights”

Eva Gallagher – Ceramics –
Sea Cliffs Vase, Woodpecker Vase, Untitled Vase

Mary Lynn Benz – Glasswork
– Kiln cast bowl, glass slipper

Erroll Douglas –
watercolour “Fall Sugar Bush”

Bill Mellors – watercolour
“Winter Beech”

Catherine Timm – “Field of