Art 2011

May 2 – 14


Mike Milgram  – dining
room table in cherry-walnut-maple
Joan Carlisle “Autumn
Splendour” #254 from “Autumn Algoma”
by Lawren Harris 1923

Heather Keeling
“Bird Cage” and “Hunt”
Eva Gallagher “Bouquet for the 21st. Century”

Patti Szostak “Ryan’s Dragon” Tom Alexander “Enigma”

Tamara Dunn-Raulik with her two
daughters and three “Bags Well Travelled”
Yi Zhang Chinese Painting

Heidi denHartog “Flower I and II” Tracy Kasaboski “Abstract I and II”

Maggie Briscoe “Winter Evening” Kerry Fortin “Choose Your

Andy Cox “Reflections of a House
on the Water”, “Regal Beauty” and “Water Under the Bridge”
Jim Murphy “Wheels”, “Chilean Port”
and “Unforgiving”

Rachel Sutton “Deep River Sunset
Psalm 113-3”
Nancy Trottier “”Letters are

Ernest Murdoch “Fungus, the
Family Hike”
Susan Fraser “Autumn Loons”

Denise Dimmick “Winter Beech” Janna Keeling “Aylen Lake,
Algonquin Park”

Catherine Douglas
“Orange Lily”, “Along the Barron”, “Sunshine”
Hazel Herriot
“Along the Bronson Road”, “Attitudes”,
Silk Scarf Batik

Anne Seck “Shock”, “Overwhelmed”,
“The future”
Jenna Moore Untitled

Nancy Spiewak
“Paris Blur”
Cathy Walsh

Laurel Gonneau
“Kiss My Bumblebee”
Liz Hogue “Severus”

Jelly Massee
“Kings Farm”
Chantel Goodman
“Tree Trunk After Emily Carr”

Kay Audet
“Free to Run Wild”
Erroll Douglas
“Let’s Go Riding”

Colleen Payer
English Smocking – size 3 dress
Carol Grant
Ceramics untitled

Boni Patterson-Jaworski
“Ladies in Waiting”, “At the Waterfront”
Olga Nazarkina
“Spring I”
Eileen Thurston Eileen Thurston