Catherine Timm & Peter Sidock “Cross Medium Union”

January 30, 2012 – February 11, 2012

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by Catherine Timm
& Peter Sidock
Opening Reception
Jan 30th
Runs until Feb 11

Artist Statements

Catherine Timm

Fibre art is a passion that I openly embrace.  I express my creativity through the exploration of textiles.  Always mindful, my work celebrates my love and kinship to my surroundings, looking at colour, shapes, form, and texture.  I use this inspiration to synthesis what I see into a textural form of art cloth.  The work may include just fabric or fibre or it may contain wire, paper, beads, or whatever is necessary to convey the image which could be representational or abstract collage. I enjoy creating art and get great satisfaction from sharing it with others.   I use photographs and my imagination as inspiration.

Catherine Timm

Peter  Sidock

Being an emerging artist that is self taught, I don’t know if I chose the medium of graphite (pencil) or it chose me.  With time the sketches became more detailed, took on a life of their own. Wanting to add colour to my works has opened and new door with water colour. Working with pencil or paint is a way of interpreting what I see and extending it to others. I use the camera that stores an instance of time, which will invoke the idea that will become the foundation to build on.Today’s technology helps to compose the piece in the digital darkroom and gives me an image to work from. The final image is then used as a “blueprint” to begin illustrating. With all the time spent with an image, each one of them ends up being personal and one of a kind.  In adding more time and detail the question became “When is it finished?” and that one may never be answered.
We all see the same world …. We all see it differently….

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