Olga and Anne

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Olga Nazarkina was born in Kharkov, Ukraine & studied art from the age of 12, obtaining her Fine Arts degree from the Savannah College in Atlanta, Georgia. Her work in watercolours, oils and charcoal has been exhibited and collected in Spain, Russia, Austria, lsrael, France, US and Canada. As well as painting, Olga has explored felting, jewellery making, sculpture and tapestries and a children’s book. Since moving to Deep River Olga has been teaching and has held exhibitions of her student’s work as well as publishing a book and calendar. When not working with her students she continues to develop her own visual vocabulary. In her paintings, Olga explores the beauty in the mundane of everyday life, while also revealing the darkness below the bright colours & freedom of form, especially in her floral paintings.

Anne Seck arrived in Canada in 1967 from England and many of the works in this show are a tribute to the country that she has grown to love in the last 50 years. After working as a potter for many years, Anne took lessons from Olga, and explored watercolour painting. This is now a preferred medium to depict the beauty of the local landscape. In particular, the dramatic changes of the Four Seasons appeal to her. Using a multi-media approach and collage has also allowed her to query some of the questions facing certain aspects of her Canadian home.