Catherine Colotelo

Catherine Colotelo

Catharine Colotelo has been felting for about eight years. She retired in 2020 and now spends her time felting and volunteering. Catharine has taken a few online classes, in-person felting classes, and, most recently, a workshop in Shetland, U.K.  The techniques learned have enabled her to continue exploring the limitless possibilities there are with wool.  She starts with the basic components that allow her to create wall hangings, clothes, three-dimensional objects, and more.  She has shown her work locally in the town of Deep River, ON and she has joined up with other groups that have exhibited her work in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley.  She is inspired to create by what she sees in her surroundings and by her experiences with current events.  Rooms in her house serve as studio areas.

In The Gallery

This past November she led her first workshop on making a wet felted beret. You can see her work on Facebook by accessing her Wet Woolens page.  Also, Catharine’s work is for sale in Deep River at The Olive Tree and the Town Hall Gallery. Finally, a full range of her work can be viewed at the Valley Artisans’ Cooperative, located at 33373 Highway 17.

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