Art 2012

Leslie White – “Ameya” Anne Gumley – “As Time Goes By”

Don Beauprie – “Jack in His Pulpit” Janna Keeling – “The Pool”

Michael Milgram – Kaszuby Oak Bookcase Laurel Gonneau – “Eye See You”

Boni Patterson Jaworski – “Stand Tall” & “Tranquil Morning” Jean A. Johnson – “Quiet, But Happy” & “Proof of My Love”

Catherine Douglas – “La Cloche Pines” Hazel Harriot – “How the Mighty are Fallen” & “Old Cabin Balmers Bay”

Olivier Thiriet – “Rainbow on Mount Martin” & “Ottawa by Night” Cheryl Brabant – “Shino Vase” & “Carved Tree of Life”

Jessica Brabant – “Freak Show” Jim Murphy – “Cloister in France”, “Dhaws of Zanzibar” & “Anghorwat”

Lindsey Gorfine – “To The Beach” Olga Nazarkina – “Dry Flowers”

Philip Chester – “34 Monks Avenue” Susan Fraser – “Paparazzi” & “Hmmmm…”

Anne Seck – “Spring Floods” Sara Carlisle – “Don’t worry – I Haven’t Lost My Marbles Yet”

Meha Saleem – “Depth of Feeling” Saima Saleem – Contemporary Art Imagination & Fantasy & Simplicity and Style

Carol Grant – Untitled Porcelain Sculpture Rachel Sutton – “The Three Stooges”

Maggie Briscoe – “Treasure” Bev Levasseur – “In Poise”

Heather Pentney – Ceramic Deer Liz Hogue – “Look into my
Eyes” & untitled

Eva Gallagher – “On the Farm II” Louise Cote – embroidery “Spring Flowers”