Rena Purdy


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 The Deep River Gallery (DRG) has a good problem. So many of you responded to our notices in the NRT (thanks NRT!) that we cannot display all of the Rena Purdy artworks at one time! Therefore, we have decided to do the exhibit in 2 parts.   If you missed contacting us and would like to loan your Rena Purdy artwork to the DRG in part 2 please contact the gallery by emailing

 Thank you to all who loaned us this outstanding original artwork for this Rena Purdy exhibit!

 We would especially like to thank Sheila Fletcher for donating a large painting by Rena for silent auction, as well as giving us the 21 only remaining booklets “Winter” that Rena produced of her drawings. Booklets are $20 each. To purchase please leave your name and contact information in the Sales binder on the coffee table on the main floor of the town hall and we will contact you.

 Profit from these sales, along with donations, will go a long way towards the cost of installing better gallery lighting in the town hall.

 Rena Purdy was born in 1907 and lived in Deep River from 1960 until her death in 1988. When she died Deep River lost an outstanding original artist who contributed immensely to the artistic life of its citizens. She recorded the familiar in drawings and paintings in fine detail and in abstract.

 Rena had many friends who painted, traveled and visited with her and her energy and enthusiasm inspired many in the community to become artists. She left a legacy of works treasured by many.

 The Deep River Gallery is very pleased to bring you this exhibit of her work. The town hall is open during office hours 8:30 am. to 5pm, Monday to Friday.