Flower Power


Memories of colourful summer gardens may be fading, but a visit to the next Library Arts Show will remind you of summers past and bring hope for a bright future season as you peruse the seed catalogues.

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As the physical work became harder for many senior gardeners, Dave Ross stepped into help them.  The vivid hues, the variety of intricate forms and the activity of insects intrigued him and about three years ago he started pulling out his phone and photographing them. Using only natural light, with no technical adjustments, he has now amassed an impressive collection of 70 local garden  & wild floral pictures.

The Library Arts Committee is happy to sponsor this, our first exhibition of the New Year. It will start with a reception from 7-9.00pm on Monday, January 21st in the Program Room of the Deep River Library., & refreshments will be served. All photographers and gardeners are welcome, as well as those of us with purple thumbs! If you are unable to come to the opening, don’t despair, it will remain open during most library hours until February 9th & deserves more than one visit. We look forward to seeing you there.