Companion Quilters Presents – 2008

September 22 – October 4

Dorothy Hunt –
“Hexagon Flower Garden”
Valliquette – “Wild flower Album”

Claire Metcalf
– “Row by Row”
Douglas – “Martini Time”

Sheila Blore –
“Alpine Holiday”
Yoriko Imahori
– “Kimono”

Colleen Payer
– “Celtic Tree”
Pat Meadowcroft – “Iris” & “Iris Quilted Reversible Jacket

Leslie White –
“Scarecrow” When going through her mother’s things she found
this face drawn on muslin and that her mother had worn to an
arts event.
Weekend” by Mary Robinson

Bev Drouin –
Sampler Quilt
Weekend” by Mary Robinson

Patsy Herman –
“Cosmos Mystery”
Gwen Barry –
“Celtic Quilt”

Mary Chisholm
– “My Star Quilt”
Marie McDonald
– Iris “Medallion”

Bev Drouin –
Table topper